US-mainland China relations

US-mainland China relations

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Published: September 25
Number of Pages: 20 
Content Type: Country Risk Strategic Report
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The US-China relationship has underpinned globalisation for decades, but it has begun to deteriorate. This indicates potential changes in the operating environment for companies that have a presence in mainland China, and also has implications for global trade patterns. In this special report, IHS Markit country risk assesses the current state of US-China relations and identifies the strategic objectives and tactics we expect to see from each in relation to key issues over the coming year.

Section 1: Overall assessment

  • Overall direction
  • US approach
  • China’s response
  • Security in areas regions

 Section 2: Key aspects of the US -China relationship

  • Trade
  • Currency
  • Investment
  • Technology
  • State espionage
  • Political ideology, human rights issues
  • Diplomacy
  • Hong Kong SAR
  • Taiwan
  • South China Sea
  • COVID-19